Hockey in Algeria for the first time

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When I started the whole Algerian hockey project the dream was of course to create a national team and play for this national team and put this national team into competitions such as the World Championships and more unrealistically the Winter Olympics. That was the idea, the dream, but whilst making this dream a reality ...

Two New Videos

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This week two new videos came out relating to Algerian and North African ice hockey. The first is a long video from a North African conference in Montreal, where a panel discuss North African sport. The panel included our goalie Hichem Bourebrab along with players from Morocco and Tunisia. If you can understand French it gives ...

Article on North African hockey

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In the latest edition of French hockey magazine 'Slapshot' there is an article on Maghreb (North west Africa) hockey. Myself and Algeria get a mention, and it touches on a potential game between Algeria and Tunisia in France. Click the image below to see a larger readable version of the article (in French).

Sneak Peak

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Here's a sneak peak of my teams logo. The team name and logo has historical relevance to the city of Algiers. Full announcement of the team name, logo and uniform will be released soon.