Hockey in Algeria for the first time

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When I started the whole Algerian hockey project the dream was of course to create a national team and play for this national team and put this national team into competitions such as the World Championships and more unrealistically the Winter Olympics. That was the idea, the dream, but whilst making this dream a reality ...

New Fixtures for Team Algeria

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I'm back on after a while with a lot of news to update on. Hockey Algeria has organised three fixtures in Laval, Canada. There was a series of two games against Morocco and an exhibition game against Lebanon in the Bell Centre. The Morocco series ended 1-1, Morocco won the first game and Team Algeria won the second game ...

My African Clubs Cup – In Photos

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My African Clubs Cup 2016 captured in photos, some on the ice some off the ice. Looking back I wish I took a few more pics and vids and did some vlogs but it was all pretty hectic playing and managing the team, great times all the same.

Visit to the Algerian embassy in Morocco

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A behind the scenes look at our visit to the beautiful Algerian embassy in Morocco, click the gallery images to enlarge. Thank you to Ambassador Mr Benyamina, Premier Secretary Hamid Mekki and all the embassy staff for the kind hospitality.

Algeria in the Hockey Hall of Fame

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I've just found out that Algeria gets a small mention in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It's on the placard placed on the Moroccan national jersey. The mention is about us losing the game to Morocco, but nevertheless it's a huge honour to even get some recognition in the HHOF and another proud ...

New ice rink in Algeria

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Good news! a new ice rink has opened in the Algerian city of Setif this week. It's only 400m² and it's in the middle of a new mall so not suitable for hockey but it will give the kids of Setif an opportunity to learn to skate and maybe even get a stick in their ...