My African Clubs Cup – In Photos

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My African Clubs Cup 2016 captured in photos, some on the ice some off the ice. Looking back I wish I took a few more pics and vids and did some vlogs but it was all pretty hectic playing and managing the team, great times all the same.

Financial Times article

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Usually with an article I'd just put a link up on here and share across my social media, but with this one I've had to create a post for it because I'm particularly proud of it. It's not the biggest or most indepth article I've featured in but it's definitely up there with proud moments, ...

2017 African Clubs Cup Announced

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The press release: La Fédération internationale de hockey sur glace (IIHF) a attribué au Maroc l’organisation de la deuxième édition de la Coupe d’Afrique en 2017, a annoncé la Fédération royale marocaine de hockey sur glace (FRMHG). Cette décision a été prise par l’IIHF lors de son congrès ordinaire semi-annuel tenu les 8 et 9 septembre à ...

Visit to the Algerian embassy in Morocco

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A behind the scenes look at our visit to the beautiful Algerian embassy in Morocco, click the gallery images to enlarge. Thank you to Ambassador Mr Benyamina, Premier Secretary Hamid Mekki and all the embassy staff for the kind hospitality.