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This week I received a large package in the post from Sweden, a company called Marsblade sent some special frame kits. I’m particularly interested in this product, with the lack of ice facilities in Algeria it’s really important to find off-ice alternatives. There have been many people using rollerblades in Algeria for many years, it’s nothing new and there’s some really good skaters in Algeria. These Marsblade frames are more than just rollerblades though, the frame moves in a certain way which simulates ice more than a usual rollerblade.

I’d advise everyone to go check out their website to see how it works

How I personally see this working for us, we’d identify young players who are showing potential and would provide them with Marsblade frames to allow for more training time and at a better standard, eventually having the best crop joining the higher level foreign trained Algerian players. Grass roots development is essential in any sport in any country in the world and it’s a major goal for me in Algerian ice hockey.

We’ve spoke to Per the inventor of Marsblade, explained our vision to him and he seems to understand where we’re coming from, I feel like there is great potential for a future relationship between Marsblade and Algerian ice hockey. I’ll also be showing these to my friends across Africa as we’re all pretty much in a similar situation with regards to ice facilities.

I haven’t had  chance to fit these and try them out for myself yet but I can’t wait to have a go, I’ll write a follow up post and a review once I do.

I’d just like to add, this is not a sponsored post, yes Marsblade sent this to us but I didn’t have to write about it, I’m genuinely interested by this product and feel as though it has some great potential for us. If there are any other companies who have off-ice training products which they feel could help the development of Algerian ice hockey please get in touch through the ‘CONTACT’ tab at the top.



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