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Hockey in Algeria for the first time

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When I started the whole Algerian hockey project the dream was of course to create a national team and play for this national team and put this national team into competitions such as the World Championships and more unrealistically the Winter Olympics. That was the idea, the dream, but whilst making this dream a reality ...

New Fixtures for Team Algeria

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I'm back on after a while with a lot of news to update on. Hockey Algeria has organised three fixtures in Laval, Canada. There was a series of two games against Morocco and an exhibition game against Lebanon in the Bell Centre. The Morocco series ended 1-1, Morocco won the first game and Team Algeria won the second game ...

Meeting the American Ambassador

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In my last post all the way back in January I listed some of the things I wanted to achieve in 2017. So in May I got out to Algeria after a long time. It was a visit generally for non-hockey purposes but I did manage to have a meeting with American ambassador to Algeria, ...

Two New Videos

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This week two new videos came out relating to Algerian and North African ice hockey. The first is a long video from a North African conference in Montreal, where a panel discuss North African sport. The panel included our goalie Hichem Bourebrab along with players from Morocco and Tunisia. If you can understand French it gives ...

New Vid – GoPro

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British television channel ITV sent me around 2 hours raw footage of my team training and playing at the African Club Cup, this weekend I had a chance to edit a bit and upload it to YouTube. The first of a few vids is some GoPro footage of one of our training sessions. Harond Litim ...

Islington Gazette Article

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Growing up around Islington and Hackney areas of London it always means a lot when the local newspapers recognise my achievements and want to discuss my accomplishments. Earlier in the year I was in the Hackney Today newspaper, and this week there's an article in Islington Gazette, a newspaper thats been around for over 100 years ...


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This week I received a large package in the post from Sweden, a company called Marsblade sent some special frame kits. I'm particularly interested in this product, with the lack of ice facilities in Algeria it's really important to find off-ice alternatives. There have been many people using rollerblades in Algeria for many years, it's nothing ...

A new ice rink for Algeria

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Following numerous synthetic and temporary ice rinks around the country, a permanent ice rink was finally opened in Algeria this year in Park Mall in the city of Setif. It's a small rink, only 400 m2, and with boards not particularly good for hockey. Still, it's a start, and is definitely good enough for kids ...

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