Arab Cup Announced

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A month or so ago I received an invitation to an Arab Cup in Abu Dhabi. It is now 10 years since the last Arab Cup I played in, in Abu Dhabi. This Arab Cup will not involve national teams though, it will be the first Arab Clubs Cup, following an African Clubs Cup which took place in Morocco in 2016. I will be entering the same club, my Corsaires, who will compete against Abu Dhabi Storm the home team, Team Lebanon, Egyptian Pharaohs and Sale Pirates from Morocco.

Going into 2018 I had decided to not be involved in any international games or tournaments, my idea was to concentrate inside Algeria and get people into the sport in Algeria, as I started through the middle and end of 2017. The offer put on the table by UAE, the encouragement from the other teams, and the fact that it’s a 10 year anniversary since the first Arab Cup in Abu Dhabi made me reconsider. I will use the publicity from this to continue with the project inside Algeria and concentrate on that the rest of the year.

It should be a pretty good tournament, UAE are professional with their organisation, I think there will be some decent teams, I know I’ll have some new names in my team. I expect Abu Dhabi to add some strong imports they wont want to lose at home.

I’ll be trying to blog and vlog and take pictures and videos leading up to and throughout the tournament but it wont be easy while I’m managing and possibly playing, I’ll do the best I can though I’ll make sure there’s some interesting behind the scenes content, it will likely get spread across all my social media depending on what’s easiest to access then and there.

We’re now on the look out for some sponsorship to help get the team to the tournament with some uniform. There’s space on the uniform for company logos and branding, all sorts of options will be made available. If you can help with that get in touch there will be some great potential exposure in UAE.

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